House of Lar Wool Scarf
House of Lar Wool Scarf


House of Lar Wool Scarf

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House of LAR: Inspired by the Ball Room Culture that emerged from the underground LGBTQ community in New York City and the Voguing dance moves that got popularized in the 1980s. House of LAR is about movement, energy, self-expression, freedom, and being whatever you want to be. 

+Colour: Black and Ivory

+140 x 140 cm Pure Wool Scarf

+All of LAR Studio’s products are illustrated by hand by Laris Kilimci.

+Transferred digitally and produced in small amounts ethically in hometown Turkey.

+The corners are hand hemmed by local woman textile workers that work in %100 ethical conditions.

+Each product comes in foil pressed boutique packaging and is perfect for a gift. 

+%100 Pure Wool: Premium quality wool, the thread is sourced from Italy and yarned in Turkey to form a soft, warm texture that is everlasting. Ethically sourced and digitally printed. 

+Dry Cleaning Only for durability. May be washed by hand in cold water.